Top Home Water Filter


Counter Top or Under Counter Water Filter


  • Innovative proprietary solid carbon block filter
  • Particle retention size less than one Micron
  • Flow rate 1 gallon per minute @ 60 psi
  • Electrokinetically absorbs particles
  • Chemically absorbs chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, etc.
  • Filters Lead, Mercury, Cysts, Chlorine, Chloramine, Asbestos
  • NSF certified to remove Arsenic
  • Rated #1 under counter water filter
  • 90-day satisfaction 100% money-back guarantee
  • Stainless steel housing lifetime warranty
  • Countertop, inline and dedicated faucet options
  • Easy to install, easy to maintain

The Multipure Aquaperform Water Filter is our #1 Top Recommended Drinking Water Filter

Watch this video to see why filtering your family's drinking water is important, and why the Aquaperform should be your filter.

Multipure Drinking Water Systems utilize Multipure’s innovative and proprietary solid carbon block filter. This solid carbon block filter employs multiple methods to reduce the presence of a wide variety of contaminants in water. Its pre-filter traps dirt, sand, and particles that affect the taste, odor, and clarity of water. Particles too small to be trapped mechanically are then electro kinetically adsorbed to the pre-filter surface. As water passes the pre-filter, the solid carbon block physically traps particles and chemically adsorbs the many different chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and certain heavy metals that remain in the water. Because the solid carbon block filter is densely compacted, its surface area is maximized and water remains in contact with the filter material for an extended period of time. This extended contact period between the water and the filter ensures a consistently high degree of performance.

Nationally recognized standards established for the drinking water treatment industry confirm that the most effective systems for the removal of both aesthetic and harmful contaminants are those that utilize solid carbon block filters. Multipure is the original developer of solid carbon block technology, and has been the leader and innovator in the water treatment industry since 1970. Multipure, and its remarkable solid carbon block filter, is synonymous with superior quality, exceptional innovation, and intelligent performance. With a Multipure Drinking Water System, you are guaranteed the best.

Cut-away of the Multipure Filter Cartridge

Learn More About This Filter

Visit our product website where you can see product specifications, pricing and installation options.  The filter can be ordered as a counter top model, as an under-counter model with inline connections to service your existing cold water service, or as under-counter with its own dedicated faucet.  Check out the options now!


Our water started tasting absolutely delicious as soon as we installed our Multipure Aquaperform.  We also have a high-quality water ionizer, and the Aquaperform works wonderfully as a pre-filter for the ionizer.  The ionizer has a really excellent filter, but is rated at 5 Microns whereas the Aquperform is about 0.5 Microns.  The Aquaperform also services our refrigerator, so we have the best tasting water, and we have the best tasting ice cubes, and we have no worries about the safety of the water we drink!

Bob Hilke Jr
Multipure Customer

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